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External Wall Insulation

A unique reference to all aspects of the design, supply and installation of External Wall Insulation, Systems, Cladding Types and Decorative Finishes.


The format includes nine chapters as follows:


Part One – Overview of EWI

Part Two - System Performance

Part Three - Materials and Components

Part Four - Design and Detailed Drawings

Part Five - Installation and Repairs

Part Six - Application

Part Seven - Assessors, Energy Performance Surveyors & Sustainability

Part Eight - Useful Information

The only cladding textbook available which includes all of the basic technology to install the External Wall Insulation process from concept to completion.


It also includes useful links and directories.The text is informative, practical and offers the reader sound advice and information enabling projects to be designed, planned and executed to a high professional standard.


Compiled for the benefit of Architects, Designers, Quantity Surveyors, Building Professionals, Owners and Students.

Useful contacts/searches





Also available is a working CD disc containing book, drawings, reports and check lists to provide further practical and detailed information.

PDF Format

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